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1) What was your inspiration behind the plot of True Intentions?

I really wanted my first novel to be a paranormal romance and my hero to be the type of boy all of us girls find irresistible. After all, who hasn’t been attracted to the one guy who’s bad for us at least once in our life? Hence, Samuel Perry was born. He’s a seventeen year-old immortal dark angelic soldier here on earth to cause temptation. My main heroin, Ava O’Brian, was inspired from a combination of my two younger sister’s personalities. Her sense of humor, stubbornness, and several other quirky characteristics come directly from them. I also wanted my nieces and nephew to feel special, so each one of them has his/her name used as a character in the series.

2) What was the first thought that ran through your head when you completed your first novel?

Is it really done!?!?!? Of course… then the fun process of editing began. It almost seemed as if I spent more time making edits than writing the entire book! Back in college, I would cringe at writing a three or five page paper and now I actually completed an entire novel!

3) Tell us about the first thing you ever wrote (or as far as you can remember) and how much your style has changed since then.

Wow… the first thing I ever wrote. To be completely truthful, when I was in my pre-teen years I began keeping a journal and writing down my thoughts. I rambled on about things such as: my first day of high school, my crush on the new kid in the neighborhood, etc. A few years ago I came across my old journal and couldn’t stop laughing. I was sooooo over-dramatic back then. We often forget how we look at things differently throughout stages of our lives. While picking apart my journal, I would have thought my break-up with my first real boyfriend was more horrific than a national tragedy. Even to this day, a few times a year I still write in a journal. It’s a great place to vent and to look back and see how I felt at the different moments of my life.

4) What does your closest family and friends think of your accomplishments?

My two sisters are by far my biggest supporters. They have constantly given me feedback and constructive criticism along the entire project. Although I think my husband is still in shock, he and our three children have been my inspiration to reach for the stars in all that I do. Honestly, I can’t think of anyone important in my life that hasn’t been supportive. I must have really awesome family and friends. 

5) What advice can you give to aspiring authors?

The two pieces of advice I would give are #1.Don’t give up!!! I recently heard a great quote on the radio taken from Robert Kennedy. “Some people see things as they are and ask why. Others dream things that never were and ask why not.” It’s so true. Life isn’t just about finding yourself; it’s about creating yourself. So, why not be your unique self? If you want to experiment with writing an article, book, or whatever—why not try? Sometimes we become our own worst enemy and don’t go after our dreams because of the fear of rejection.
#2. READ first! Read different genres and lots of different authors. When you find books you really like, ask yourself “What was it about this certain book that kept my interest?” It may have been the characters were so believable they came to life in your mind or the suspense scenes made your heart race with each turn of the page. Whatever it was, write it down. That way, when you go to write your first book, you’ll have a better idea what specific characteristics you want your book to possess. Personally, I love the adrenalin rush I get when I read suspense, so I definitely wanted my novel to give my readers that feeling. What emotions do you want your reader to have when they read yours?
And finally, go back to tip #1. Don’t give up!!!

6) Where do you get your ideas for your books?

It’s pretty scary, but I get ideas sporadically while driving, day-dreaming, or even taking a bath. Another book I’ve recently started came after I drove past a funeral home and started thinking how cool it would be to have a novel about a girl who’s parents owed a funeral home and she starts getting haunted by a ghost of a young murdered girl to help catch the serial killer.

7) Why do you review other author’s books for Children’s Literature?

I review other books because I enjoy reading and I want to help others find the right books that stand out from the crowd. What better way than to check them out?

8) What’s your biggest regret in life?

Of course there was a time in my life (like almost everyone else I know) when I didn’t believe I was capable (maybe even worthy) of achieving all my goals. Without faith in myself, I missed out on opportunities and made some choices I would avoid if I could go back in time. But, I am a true believer that things happen for reasons and when one door closes, another opens. I wouldn’t be who/where I am today if I hadn’t made mistakes along the way. (LOL…That actually rhymes… Maybe I should try poetry :))